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Your time is valuable!
  Think about it...getting your dry cleaning done is a hassle. How much time do you waste each week going to the cleaners? Well, Cleaner Options has the solution. Our system eliminates the hassles. no more annoying drives to the cleaner! No more waiting in line in a hot uncomfortable store. And, most importantly, no more forgetting to pick up your clothes and getting stuck on Saturday night without your favorite outfit.
We take the business of serving you very seriously.
  It is our livelihood, but it is also something that we really enjoy and are proud to do well. We see this service as something of a throwback to an earlier era, when a number of services were provided directly to the home.
We already know what works.
  Our customers are very happy. We just wanted you to know that we've brought modern management to dry cleaning, so that we can bring you good, old fashioned, personal service.
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