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So how do I use the service?
  Your job is easy. We will call you the night before to remind you that we are stopping by. You place your clothes in the green nylon bag which we provide for you. You set it outside in the pre-designated drop location so there is no need to be home when we come by. We pick-up the bag, clean your clothes and return them to you in 3 days. That's our service. That's all that there is to it.

Does it cost more?
  No! Our philosophy is to offer a superior service at a reasonable price. As a result, there is no extra charge for pick-up and delivery. Additionally, our cleaning prices are competitive with the other cleaners in town. Imagine that, home pick-up and delivery without the extra cost!

  It's simple. Monthly bill or credit card.

Who is my contact person?
  Just call (888) 434-7232 or email lori@cleaneroptions.com